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Rambagh Gold 15" Square Tray

: HB-TRPL-Z-812E11-8
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: 6887
Market Price
: $154.00
: $89.00
Our Rambagh Gold tray was inspired by doorways of the Rambagh Palace. The tray itself made in Vietnam, which is famous for it's centuries old lacquer tradition. The design is created by applying adhesive resin on the areas of the tray in the shape of the design. Sheets of gold leaf are then pressed onto the resin with enough pressure to ensure adhesion, and then, once the resin has dried and the leaf and resin have bonded, the artisans brush the surfact of the leaf. This removes the leaf from the areas where no resin was applied and reveals the shape of the design, which now shimmers in gold. Many coats of clear lacquer are then applied, with sanding between each coat. Finally a layer of wax is buffed onto the lacquer finish, which creates amazing lustor.

: Wood
: 15" X 15"

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